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Monday, September 18, 2006

[NOW PLAYING] Star Trek: 40th Anniversary Specials - Original ST Episodes Remastered with New FX now airing in U.S/Canada [List of TV Affiliates]

In celebration of Star Trek's 40th Anniversary.,

NOW PLAYING: Paramount are now playing brand new re-mastered original Star Treks on television!

Background: somewhat akin to George Lucas' "Special Edition" re-mastering of the original Star Wars trilogy, Paramount have gone back into the original Star Trek television episodes, have cleaned up the prints and the sound, and most obviously & controversially: have updated the FX!

(Least controversially they don't have Greedo firing at Kirk first - Ed)

*cough* *slap forehead* (mine) (this time)

uh yes,. purportedly they aren't engaging in any sacrophiliac story editing.

The changes are reportedly minimal and designed to bring the original Star Trek *somewhat* in line with 21st Century FX yet without substancially altering the original (cheesy - Ed) look and feel of the series that we all love.

Id est. Instead of an orange balloon, a planet is now rendered to look like a planet. I don't know about you, but that I don't mind. Just don't turn those orange sh-skirts into jumpsuits.

(*slap forehead* -Ed) (TAG's -Ed) (this time - Ed)

Whatever the changes in store each week, the brand new digitally remastered TOS episodes are quite apparently the anniversary-gift that keeps on giving! (or the wound that keeps on digging, if you dislike the concept -Ed) as they will be rolling out the remastered episodes every week from now until September of 2007.

See here for weekly Episode broadcast-date schedule: http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/news/article/25835.html?page=0

Click 'ere for the complete list of television channels broadcasting the remastered TOS eps: http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/news/article/25835.html?page=1

(Excel Ra-Zor! - Ed)

*slap forehead* (Ed's) (all times)


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