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Monday, August 22, 2005

Has There Been a Good Video Game Based Movie (?)

Mood: Nekked.
Track Injection:Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love <-- Click to Listen (REALPLAYER)

Und we're back from vacation. YAY!

(largely owing to the number of restraining orders placed against him by the nudist colony - Ed)

*scribble* *scribble* *erase* carry the two.


Right, let's get right into it, todays topic was raised by an online friend of mine (Captain Xerox -Ed)

Has there ever been a movie based upon a video game that was worth watching?

my view:


Depends on how you define "movie".

and whether the/a/any definition need apply :-)

id est. Despite my better judgement (that would be me - Ed) Go Away Ed., I 'ave to admit I enjoyed both Resident Evil & Resident Evil: Apocalypse _as_ FMV extensions to the videogame franchise.

Neither quite as putrid as say Wing Commander though admittedly neither RE's entirely work structurally as "movies" either.

While they may fail overall as films, they work sporatically in parts, where certain scenes have cinematic & mnemonic impact on the viewer and the over-all viewer impression is that one was indeed within the RE'verse.

Imo, of all the modern video-game based fare, I would say that the Resident Evils hit the most number of fan "sweet spots", though over-all that isn't saying very much. Considering it's about 3 to 5 per RE, and you have to sit through quite a bit of excrement to get to those moments.

Bottom line for me, as I say, as extensions to the games (demands & expectations now suitably lowered -Ed) I find both Resident Evil's enjoyable.

And of course, to answer the posed (rhetorical - Ed) Question, there was 1 overall "good" video-game based "movie", that I can think of, und that would be TRON.

The Avante Guardian.

Post Script: Composed this reply while listening to Commodore 64 video-game-soundtrack-mix based radio station "Slay Radio".

That was surreal.


Agree, Disagree, What do You think, has there been a good video-game based movie?