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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Talkin about Kung Fu JESUS

Mood: Coked up on Dare Whippet Marshmallow Cookies
(started with Smash & Grab eat-mode moving now to Striptease after mondo sugar buzz)
Track Injection: THE ARCADE FIRE's "Neighborhood II" <--- click to listen (REALPLAYER)

How can one resist the awesome curio power of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter? <-- click there to find out.

No I'm not a religious nut though I will cop to being a hazelnut if pressed. And I realize it's not strictly "SciFi" but, this blog thing 'ere (SciFiFanZine - Ed) isn't strictly about SciFi (though it is - Ed) please don't help me Ed., rather it is more about this and/or the SciFiFan's interests.

and what better way to illustrate that, than to start off with a blog entry that 'as absolutely nothing to do with scifi!

((tug down on shirt))

I felt I should clarify that as this is my first post 'ere. So how can one resist the awesome curio power of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter: the Movie? oh one can of course, very simply, by ignoring it, terribly terribly simple. but then you go to hell.

(have a nice day - Ed)

Good for a stake-in-the-hearty series of shifty nervous laughs, particularly if you're Christian, and particularly if you're not.

(eh? - Ed)

Go Away Ed.

Post Scribble: I have to tell you something sacrophiliac. From a purely analytical (and insane - as MM used to be an alter-boy you know -Ed) Go Away Ed., standpoint, I 'ave always thought that Jesus Christ was less likely to 'ave been the Vampire Hunter and more likely to have been the ....

(oh no - Ed)

Think about it, JC drank his own blood, taught others to do the same, and is immortal.

Yes, Jesus Christ was a Vampire!

(eat your heart out Martin Scorsese and Monty Python - Ed)

Your Planet, \/\/elcome.

\/\/elcome to SciFiFanZine,

The blog dedicated to the interest(s) of the and/or a SciFiFan!

(50 credits says sex becomes the main topic within 10 centons - Ed)

Please don't help me Ed.

What interests? if you are garbed in a plaid skirt., you're the interest, I felt I should mention this for 3 reasons. 2 of which are unprintable and the third involves mentioning that I have a large 12 foot bowl of butterscotch pudding, a towel, and a spoon.

(what does this have to do with SciFi!! - Ed)

I'm glad you asked (though I would prefer it be with a less incredulous tone thank you very much)

((tug down on shirt))

The SciFiFanZine blog focus is not strictly on SciFi itself (though that is a ventral focus) it is more properly on the SciFi _fan_ , ergo the interests vary.

and are sure to include:

SciFi, Movies, Books, Television, Radio, The BBC, Science, Quantum Physics, Butterscotch Pudding, New & Strange Music, Fondling Complete Strangers, Fondling InComplete Strangers and trying not to get arrested fondling photos of hyper-intelligent millionaire milfs Meredith Vieira and Paula Zahn

(again - Ed)


Plus: Evolution, Animation, Costumes (is that dressing up like a Federation Officer, Aardvark or a Woman? -Ed) Go Away Ed, Politiks and whenever time is left over and no constables are about., being naughty a bit more.

So \/\/elcome All to SciFiFanZine!

Come on in and make yourself at home.

Plaid-Clad Nubiles please turn to your left and proceed to the debriefing room.