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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Frank Miller's Upcoming "Holy Terror, Batman" The Caped Crusader vs Bin Laden

Captain Xerox pointed me to an interesting adicle about the upcoming Frank Miller graphic novel "Holy Terror, Batman" <--- Click to read

Excerpt from Article:

In "Holy Terror, Batman!" the Caped Crusader goes after the terror leader and his organization after Gotham City is attacked by terrorists. Though the graphic novel's title is a take on Robin the Boy Wonder's catchphrase, Miller said there was nothing campy about the story.

my opine:

Now that's an odd title ..For a serious subject.

At fist I suspected that perhaps someone needed to put Miller in touch with his ID, that title smacks of self-destructive passive-aggressive guilt and anger-suppression.

At first titular exposure.

..where it intimates that he took a cheque from the government to write the thing and his psyche is subcutaneously attempting to deep six the project with a ludicrous title.

(however inspired the titular double-entendre - Ed)

Reading the full article 'owever, we get a vastly different perspective than the title conveys.

So it's to be -Bin Laden- (c)officially elevated to the level of the new millennium's American state prime arch-nemesis ?

..filling the void the Russians left as the antagonists which ultimately drove Americans to excel through rivalry.


I was rather 'oping the Americans would reduce and dismiss Tin-Laddie for the impotent cave dwelling twonk he is.

But there is method here.

Americans (as do most people - Ed) strive when faced with adversity, without it if not careful stagnation can set in. The arch nemesis forces us to stay sharp, to attempt to remain one step ahead at all times. To evolve at a higher rate.

Ergo, it is essential that AN arch-nemesis exist for America and western culture to continue to remain dominant in the world.

imo, for years since 9/11 there 'as been an observable substratus war, the pitting of those in America that do not believe Bin Laden is worthy of the elevation to America's Arch-Nemesidal status vs those that believe he'll do nicely.

imo, this move from Miller is an indicator that the latter 'ave won.

I s'pose we can take solace in this: it's an interesting irony, that Bin Laden should be selected to fulfill the role of the bloke that will propel Americans and indeed the West, further onward and upward in the 3rd Millennium A.D.

The Avante Guardian.