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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sentient Meat, C Space, Filthywhore and Aliens

Mood: Like a Lego Mindstorm Kit.
Todays Random Fact: The Adult Human Breathes Over 3000 Gallons of Air Per Day.
Track Injection: "I Don't Exist" - Sisters of Mercy <-- Click to Listen (REALPLAYER)

SF fans may find this intellectually stimulating in an classic-SF sort of way.

Thanks to Lazarus for putting me onto this 7 1/2 minute SciFi film short.

Click *HERE* to watch "They Are Made Out of Meat" Film Short

based on Terry Bisson's Short Story "They Are Made Out of Meat"

read original (very) short story 'ere: http://www.terrybisson.com/meat.html

Myself, I would sugg reading the short story _after_ watching the film short, as the film is more enjoyable when it's slightly more nebulous. imo.

I found it curious, how all (of the original) explanation was removed from the film short, the only answer I can come up with is that it was designed primarily by the Director to 'ave the viewer contemplate various possible life forms, and possibly as impetus to read the original short story for the answer.

Following 'aving done so, I must say, I would have thought the short story's,

"we marked the entire sector unoccupied."

would have made for a rather humourous/poignant ending to the film short. :)

Anyway, if you're into classic slightly surreal (at least in presentation) slightly comic, mostly intellectually biting SF, you might find TAMOoM enjoyable.

At the very least, it will go a ways towards justifying all the time you spend with YouTube user "Filthywhore"'s videos.


She, who isn't to my knowledge actually a filthywhore, but rather nomenclature-dichotomously is so exceedingly cute in her videos that you can't stop watching her, ergo you really need to counter falling in love with a total stranger with some intellectually stimulating SF film shorts like TAMOoM.


Not that I'd know personally.

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