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Saturday, July 08, 2006

special 7 minute limited-edition preview of the new Doctor Who - Season 2

The New Doctor Who Season 2 (starring David Tennant as The New Doctor)doesn't air in North America until the fall of 2006 (Oct 9th on CBC in Canada as verified >>Here<<) so for those that are waiting patiently and 'aven't cheated (by downloading season 2 episodes from the U.K via bit torrent, you naughty naughty peoples -Ed) and for that matter, even for those that 'ave, 'ere's a 7 minute "limited edition" segment that was specially made for a charity event in England by the creators of Doctor Who.

It takes place directly after the re-generation scene at the end of season 1 but before the Christmas Special.

Click 'ere to watch 7 minute Doctor Who special starring the New Doctor Who

Doctor Who Season 1 is presently re-airing on CBC-6 in Canada, Tuesdays at Midnight.

The Avante Guardian.