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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Decidedly Un-SciFi - Part II - The End.

Technically this (below) was actually a post made on The Goddess Steph's blog, but it's a followup to the issue in the last blog entry here.

Sometimes issues, bleed over (probably because she kindly permits him to -Ed); Steph's got to be Evolution's proudest accomplishment. The Apex. Hyper-Intelligent _and_ Uber-Artistic, Kind _and_ Strong. Beautiful on the Inside _and_ Out.

(and God love her for putting up with his rambings - Ed)

I'd love to see the bloke she marries (if she marries - Ed) for 2 reasons.

1. Just to see what her evolutionary counterpart, looks like.

(and 2? - Ed)

2. To go to Las Vegas with him, because the bloke that scores Steph, will be the luckiest guy on the planet.



(Followup to last blog entry)


Right, that's enough of that melancholy.

(aw oh - Ed)

particularly since madness is so much warmer.

This song conversely is to those that we would 'ave dedicated Psychophile's "Intense" to, on account of it's incredibly psychosexual (which I highly suspect this summer is going to be btw, the pheromones are already blasting directly into my jugular and it's only May)., but unfortunately Psychophile took 'Intense' off their website [run-on-sentence-breath-break]

..and so we're dedicating Psychophile's "Cracked" to all those who find that the single best way to deal with things, is to go stark raving mad.

*Tilt head at obtuse angle*
*Wipe mirror that isn't there*

So without further ado,

Dear Occupants,

Psychophile's "Cracked":






(D)ownload Psychophile's "Cracked" MP3 'ere:


Oh look, penguins.