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Thursday, May 18, 2006

[free videos] Star Wars Deleted Scene - C for Cookie - Darth Vader Calls The Emperor

Mood: Pheromone Ground Zero.
Track Injection: Dresden Dolls - Yes Virginia (full CD) <--- Click to Listen (WMA)

If you're in a city with femmes out'n'about it, you might want to put on some PP-F 2000.

(Pheromone Protection Factor 2000 - Ed)

GOOD LORD. This is one of the cat-on-a-hot-tin-roof'iest springs we've had in aeons.

The pheromone emitters must be on full throttle.

(how do you know it's not just your own sordid lasciviousness? - Ed)

I've seen other blokes with that steam-pouring-from-their-ears hazy look about them..

(so? - Ed)

..staring lustfully and lovingly at trees.

('nuff said - Ed)

..entering confessionals shortly there-afterwards

(we get it already - Ed)

..and some of them are not even Catholic.

Ergo, to get your minds off of the fairer sex for a few minutes, here are three highly snarfy videos.

V for Vendetta has spawned the funny and uber-impressive... - C for Cookie - ... MU-AHA.

Star Wars Episode 3 and 4 The Inbetween Years along with The George W. Bush "we're not wiretapping your conversations! (we're videotaping them -Ed)" association brings you the hilarious..

Adult Swim's Robot Chicken
"Darth Vader Calls The Emperor" Video
<-- Click to Laugh.


For The Hardcore Star Wars fan, this piece of the Holy grail, a recovered unfinished deleted scene from the original Star Wars.

Click Here to watch Star Wars Ep IV Luke & Biggs deleted scene.

Danke to Jackie! (my favorite self-professed Asian Lesbian possibly interested in finding a Bull-Dyke to get her tickets to Radiohead in California) and Captain X (who is not to my knowledge a bull-dyke -Ed) for the recos.

If you have cool free SF related links to proffer, feel free to email to: TheAvanteGuardian@gmail.com

The Avante Guardian.