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Monday, January 02, 2006

The 2006 FREE SCIENCE FICTION CALENDER is Out - Happy New Year!

Mood: Hung. (why did we just know that was coming after the last entry - Ed)
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Yes, Captain Xerox famous yearly (professional, free, and printable - Ed) 2006 SciFi Calender is now out!

(and a nice one it is this year too, particularly if you're into classic SF and classic SciFi femmes)

You can get your free copy, by going to The Website at the End of the Universe at http://www.theendoftheuniverse.ca/calendar2006/calendar2006.pdf


by hitting your page-up key and/or using your mouse to scroll up to our SciFi Web-box (Above -Ed) and clicking on Channel 7.

Happy New Year!