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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Nasa Mars Photo: Humanoid Skull Found On Mars (?)

Above photo blown up to 400%, see original Nasa photos below.

Click here to view official Nasa Mars Photos



I find it interesting to note that for the first while spent analyzing the photo, one (this one - Ed) attempts to overlook alarms its sending off.

Specifically, the glaring inconsistency of that right eye socket (left to it, right to the viewer - Ed).

It's not at all an aesthetic match, and yet, the human brain does attempt to fill-in-the-blanks to make it a match.

Myself I do believe to paraphrase Carl Sagan's Contact, that if there is no life out there, what a waste of all that infinite space, that would be.

But unfortunately, I cannot make this Mars photo fit that cosmic philosophy.

I would require an explanation that doesn't shift entirely over to "an alien artist with an inconsistent aesthetic carved it" to account for that right (to viewer) socket construct.

The problem with that argument, should one wish to employ it, is that "alien artist" in that sentence can more readily be replaced and explained by "Mother Nature".

id est. natural rock formation dynamics.

Yet that overall skull shape, that most certainly is intriguing.

I think.

The Avante Guardian.