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Thursday, February 23, 2006

[free Wired article] Philip K. Dick's - A Scanner Darkly - Makes New March Wired Mag Front Cover

Purloined from The ASD IMDB web-board:

A Scanner Darkly makes the cover and main story in Wired Magazine, March issue (it's already out). The article is called "Beyond Real: How Digital Animation Conquered Hollywood" and isn't online yet (www.wired.com/wired), but Keanuweb (a Keanu Reeves fansite) has the transcript of the article.

It's a very in depht and detailed story on the making of the movie, the whole Sabiston walking out of the set story, the delays, why Linklater left the project to do other movie, how they developed the animation and could get the movie made (like the bit about the animators working 18 hours day for two weeks to put the teaser out in time) and what they hope with the release. It's an amazing article, well worth to have the magazine. Link below.

Full Wired Article Here ===> http://keanuweb.com/en/reports/display_kr100620.html

Official Movie Web Site 'ere ===> http://wip.warnerbros.com/index.html?site=ascannerdarkly