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Friday, February 17, 2006

[free comics&manga] Fave WebComics und Online Manga

Mood: Giddy Up.
Track Injection: Mediengruppe Telekommander -"Untergrund" (hypno-toad remix)
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Updated List of favorite Free Comics and Online Manga - All-new All-improved (and categorized - Ed) Webcomic suggs und finds; some are daily, some are tri/bi or weekly, I believe all are currently running with new eps appearing regularly.

Favorite Newspaper Comics:

Non Sequitur


Bloom County (The Classic)

Calvin & Hobbes

Get Fuzzy

The Boondocks


Stan Lee's Spider-man daily

Archie Andrews

Evil Inc (Mad Magazine style daily - not in papers but feels like it ought be)

Mein Favorite WebComics:

Megatokyo (A++ OEL Manga)

Inverloch (A+ Elf Fantasy)

Earthsong Saga

Schism (Cyberpunk Manga)

Star Cross'd Destiny (A+ Epic Illustrated Novel)

Konsekai: Swordwaltzer (Epic Warrior Manga)

Tanatos (A+ Dark Graphic Novel)

The House of Other Worlds (Artistic & Atmospheric)

Hybrid Genesis (Angel Manga)

ASPS: Eat Kitties (Gothic Angel Manga)

Hans Tseng's Directions of Destiny (Artistic Academy AniManga)

Cafe Tengu (Artistic Manga)

Myralice (Psychological Manga)

Favorite SF Themed Web-Comics:

Saturnalia (SF Manga)

Starslip Crisis (Whipsmart TNG'esque comedy SF)

Sluggy Freelance (Demon Fantasy SF)

Melonpool (Dennis The Menace meet Calvin in Space)

Fave D&D/RPG'ing and VideoGame Related Web-Comics

VG Cats (VideoGame characters/mascots lives - Thanx Jackie!)

8 Bit Theatre (NES Final Fantasy Sprite based comic)

The Noob (Western Roleplayer & VideoGamer Themed)

Sokora Refugees (D&D transport Manga)

Favorite Misc Cat:

Twisted Kaiju Theater (aka Neo Monster Island / A+ Godzilla "vs" Parody Comic - Thanx Jox!

B-Movie Comic (Parodies B-Movie Scenes)


Dan Kim's Mangas ("Nana's Everyday Life" = A++ disturbing/touching/funny/sad/gut-wrenching - Thanx Steph!)

If you 'ave any favorite webcomics, please recommend away!

Emailto: TheAvanteGuardian@gmail.com