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Friday, April 07, 2006

[free tv] Asian Spider-man, Sesame Street Aliens and MST3K

Danke to Captain Xerox and Darklord for the heads up on these free videos:

This series from 1978 is so retro-cool it's now post-modern.

Watch Asian Spider-man episodes --> Here <--

Sesame Street Aliens
YepYepYepYep BookBookBookBook BokBokBok BrrRrrrrring.

This is one of those sesame street segments that was subcutaneously responsible for warping many a young persons mind.

Watch Sesame Street Aliens --> 'ere <---

Mystery Science Theatre 3000
The official source of some of the greatest taglines ever developed.

Watch full MST3K episodes and/or Joel and Mike skit outtakes --> Here <--

if you'd like to burn these to CD/DVD or otherwise store them on your HD, you can pick up a flash to mpeg converter --> here <--