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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Free (& Excellent -Ed) Neil Gaiman & J. Michael Straczynski Internet (Audio -Ed) Short-Stories

Mood: Feel Like Salvador Dali's Hat
Track Injection: Slepcy - Absent Opera <--- Click to Listen (REALPLAYER REQ)

Well, with a twisted ankle (that I managed to destroy while sleeping; I have no idea 'ow it happened, went to bed, woke up with a busted ankle; ..I'm presently entertaining the notion of some mischievous house ghost)

(or a mischievous Dr. House Ghost., Limpy - Ed)

Har Har Ed.

Please Go Away Ed.

(that's not very likely is it, I'm having faaaar too much fun - Ed)

In any case, consequently I've been house-bound, subsequently I've been looking for things to do to get my mind off of the seering pain - oh woe is me, pity me, love me, and for the plaid-clad nubiles out there, massage me.

(it was worth a shot - Ed)

Anyway, just finished listening to Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries audio-play over at http://www.scifi.com/set/playhouse/murder/ and thought I'd share the wealth. (or at least the link - Ed)

It's a tale about The Name, Lucifer, Vengeance, Love and Death set in The City of Angels.

(and as Gaiman enthusiasts might suspect, that doesn't necessarily mean Los Angeles - Ed)

And it's bloody brilliant!

(and that's not just the 6 pounds of tylenol talking - Ed)

Also took in Neil Gaiman's Snow-Glass Apples http://www.scifi.com/set/playhouse/snowglassapples/ a disturbing look at the origins of Snow White's ghost-white complexion. ;)

Finally, I'm quite fond of J. Michael Straczynski's (Babylon 5 - Ed) audio anthology series City of Dreams http://www.scifi.com/set particularly the episode titled, "Samuel Beckett, Your Ride is Here"

If you haven't as yet, and you enjoy Gaiman and Straczynski, highly recommend checking them out. Can't get a better price (free - Ed), and it's worth the time. imo.


All audio-tales listed above have suggestive and to a certain degree disturbing content.

But that's the point I suspect, to be jolted from comfortable normality (if you're lucky enough to live there - Ed) and complacency ..into a world of surreal and metaphysical thought.

(boy, does that sound incredibly pretentious - Ed)

OK, "Makes Your Brain Go Boom", that suit you Ed?

(better - Ed)

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Off to find a Nurse to change my catheter.

(uh, you don't have a catheter - Ed)

I don't have a Nurse either Ed, but that never stopped me before.

(no more medication for you - Ed)