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Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Science Fiction Case Mod Contest

Mood: Like Han Solo after a night in a cargo hold with Princess Leia.
Track Injection:Nine Inch Nail's The Hand That Feeds <-- Click to Listen (REALPLAYER)


Just discovered that ExtremeTech is in the post-start state (just after the beginning of - Ed) Yes thank you Ed, I think we all knew wot I meant., of its annual (2nd annual - Ed) Case-Mod Contest.

This time the PC Case-Mod'ing has a theme und as we can see from the photo of the first entry above, that theme is one we 'appen to lurve, yes, it's: Science Fiction!



*Tug Down on Shirt*

(Sorry, Relapse)

Think you can create something as cool as David Barry's scale model of a Star Wars TIE Fighter, with a computer built right into the cockpit, wot doubles as a desk?

If so, The Contest is on right now, und you 'ave until June 30th to submit your entry.

I wonder,.would it be wrong to make my PC Case-Mod entry a modified blow up doll of Princess Leia?

(that depends - Ed)


(on where the input ports are located - Ed)

Well, I know where the twin cooling fans would go!

(oh dear, Guards, seize that man! - Ed)

Get your mind out of the gutter Ed, I meant her ear buns.

(Guards, Seize that man, anyway, sooner or later he'll deserve it - Ed)

Go Away Ed.